Entrepreneur, first-principals problem solver, team builder

I’m Sam Hotchkiss, and I’ve spent my career asking questions, and helping teams achieve their potential through planning, hiring, and digging to get to the why behind every problem.

I’m an innovator, investor, consultant, executive, and board member to an array of interesting projects.

I’m based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but you can find me regularly in Maine, Boston, San Francisco, Austin, and New York.

A little about my approach…

Remote First

I’ve built and managed remote teams from three to 300 since 2009.

Engineer at heart

I love solving problems and digging into technical issues. I love getting to know products inside and out.

It’s all about the fucking details.

Customer trust comes from having everything just right. A single misplaced pixel makes a product feel shoddy.

Ship and Iterate

But get there by redefining scope, not compromising quality.

Systems for Success

I love flow charts, kanban boards, and burndowns. Visualize a project, get everyone on the same page, and execute.

Whole people, not human resources

I believe that when you support and enable whole people, everyone wins.

A Proven Track Record

I’ve built three companies (two bootstrapped, one venture-backed) from scratch to millions in ARR. I’ve scaled a product from $30mm to $100mm in ARR. I have a long history of identifying and training future leaders and high level ICs. And I’ve helped dozens of companies unlock the potential of their product and their people.

“Sam is an executive who focuses not only on what he accomplishes, but how.

He leads his organizations with a rare breadth of skills and establishes a high performance culture in the process.

The result is consistently high quality outcomes with highly loyal customers and team members.  The outcomes are always unusual levels of growth, financial results and value for stakeholders.

I collaborate with Sam every chance I have.”

Mike Phelan

Managing Partner (Ret.), Deloitte

How can I help you?

or send me a message at 505.234.6269